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Welcome to our vibrant world where we’re constantly dedicated to empower every #MakeupCrusher to unleash their passion and artistry, all for the sake of individuality and self expression! Boys’n Berries is all about diversity, innovation and commitment, all while bringing the best in cruelty-free cosmetics designed to look as good on you as they will on your vanity. Whether you’re into natural, glamorous or edgy kinds of makeup, dare to explore every corner of your personality and express your inner self, true to your likings. After all, beauty should be fearless, creative, and above all, fun!

We stand for passion, trust, and building a deep and long-term connection with every beauty addict around. Ever since our 2015 founding, we ensured that we allowed extra care in handpicking every formula and shade, thus resulting in the tremendous growth of the brand, all thanks to the recognition our clients have granted us.

Our customers’ satisfaction thus remains our peak interest, needless to say, we strive to become a part of each and every one of your lavish pampering routines. If you have any issues with shade-matching, color picking, application, deciding if you want both lipsticks, or rather, the entire collection, feel free to hit us up and we will gladly reply with a tailored beauty solution for your unique needs.

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