Tapered Shader Eye Brush


  • Description

      The secret to an effortless blended out crease transition is our go-to Tapered Shader Eye Brush. It blends and diffuses color seamlessly while leaving no traces of harsh lines. Due to its soft bristles, our go-to brush assures a perfect blending as well as keeping the vividness of the color intact. Works best with pressed or loose eyeshadow products.


      About Makeup Brushes Collection: 

      After years of experimenting and playing with makeup every single day, we truly believe that the tools we're using in our beauty routine counts as much as the makeup products themselves. Designed to make a difference and aid you in attaining a flawless look each time, our Brush Collection comes in a great variety of styles and shapes meant to cover a full-face makeup routine no matter if you’re a professional MUA or just getting started.  

      Crafted out of the softest, high-quality bristles, our Brush Collection features a solid, genuine wood handle secured to a long-term, water resistant copper ferrule, all handmade assembled by skilled brush experts.

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  • Details

    • SKU: 240
    • Length: 175 mm
    • Hair Type: Soft Natural Goat Hair Bristles 

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